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Good life development society is registered in society registration act 21, 1860. We are accepting a nominal help amount from our members and providing an unique Samridh Card.

What is Samridh Card Scheme ?

Under the Samridh Card scheme, our society is aggressive to provide all development services to people who are in under privileged section of our society and are away from all govt. schemes. Our society is committed towards the employment and all side development of the poor families irrespective of their religion, caste and community.

Motto of Samridh Card Scheme :

Our main motto of providing this Samridh Card , is to promote the message of cooperation and social welfare in our society specially for people who are unemployed and under privileged. We are committed to enhance the living standards of these people and help them to stay in the main stream of society. By means of Samridh card, we are trying to provide goods and services to poor people at the discounted price so that they can be able to lead a prosperous life and educate their children to be in the constructive direction for the welfare of their family and whole society.

Benefits of Samridh Card Scheme ?

  • dotFamilies having the Samridh Card issued from our society will be given papers of Fixed deposit of Rs. 10000/- (Ten thousands only) on birth of a female child in the family.
  • dotFamily of the card holder will be given an amount of Rs. 1500/- (One thousand Five hundred only) for funeral of the card holder in case of his/her death instantly.
  • dotTwenty solar lights on public places to be provided in a block.
  • dotWe will organize free health checkup camps in every Panchayat and to provide 20% discounts on medicine.
  • dotOur society is aimed to distribute farming materials like seeds, fertilizers, farming medicines etc. at very attractive and discounted price.
  • dotAyurvedic medicines for animal husbandry will be provided in each blocks and panchayats.
  • dotAll differently abled people (Divyangs) who are away from govt. pension, will be benifited with pension by Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar scheme.
  • dotOur society will establish a general shop in every panchayat through which our card holding members can purchase their daily need goods at a discount of uoto 15%.
  • dotFree distribution of copies, pens, books, small solar lamps etc. in underpreviledged section / Mahadalits .
  • dotSenior citizen pension under Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar scheme to the poor families.
  • dotConstruction of public toilets in Mahadalit public places.
  • dotSociety will appoint sweepers and construct dustbins in bazaar.
  • dotWater hand pumps in societies of mahadalits.
  • dotTo provide training for beauty parlour, cutting, sewing, weaving and art and crafts in every panchayat.
  • dotGroup loans of Rs. 5000/- to 20000/- to poor families will be provided for small scale industries.
  • dotTo make aware for all govt. schemes for poor section of our society
  • dotSociety will provide daily home use goods like Sugar, Dal, Salt, Soap, Shampoo, Tea, Ghee, Refined oil, garments, detergents etc. at discounted price (upto 20%) to all poor families.
  • dotSociety will motivate unemployed youths towards self employment by providing training and materials for small scale industries like Mombatti, Papad, Sevai, Agarbatti, Pattal manufacturing industries.
  • dotSociety will promote industry by establishing dairy farms, poultry farms, goatary farms etc.
  • dotSociety will provide jobs to unemployed people by establishing CFL and LED Bulb manufacturing industries.
  • dotSociety is committed to provide ambulance service in every blocks.
  • dotSociety will promote cultural activities in under privileged society to promote enhance their standard of living.
  • General Instructions for Samridh Card Scheme :

    Society will promote cultural activities in under privileged society to promote enhance their standard of living

  • dotAll family members registration is must in this scheme to get benefits.
  • dotSamridh Card will be issued to people aged between 0 to 100 years.
  • dotOur society is registered society. We have already informed DM, BDO, Mukhiya, Ward Members etc. towards this welfare scheme by sending them letters.
  • dotValidity of this Samridh Card is One years.
  • dotContribution amount from each member is Rs. 30/- only.
  • Apply for Samridh card

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