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 31 August 2016
 Benefits of Garib Development Card Scheme ?
Families having the Garib Development Card issued from our society will be given papers of Fixed deposit of Rs. 11000/- (Eleven thousands only) on birth of a female child in the family.
Family of the card holder will be given an amount of Rs. 2100/- (Two thousand one hundred only) for funeral of the card holder in case of his/her death instantly.
Twenty solar lights on public places to be provided in a block.
We will organize free health checkup camps in every Panchayat and to provide 20% discounts on medicine.
Our society is aimed to distribute farming materials like seeds, fertilizers, farming medicines etc. at very attractive and discounted price.
Ayurvedic medicines for animal husbandry will be provided in each blocks and panchayats.
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